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May 21 - June 4 - June 11 - June 25 - July 2 - July 23

Schedule Updated March 20, 2022

2022 Schedule: Welcome

What is your favorite thing about the Silver Spurs Rodeo Club?

"Meeting new people and the experience!" - Abby Ortega
"Running poles in a new arena and having fun." -Kallee Tooley
"Man, that's hard. I like goat tying, but I love when we rope! Also meeting some great friends." -Treyton Johnson
"Making new friends and running barrels." - Rally Etbauer
"My favorite thing about coming from Colorado is seeing all of my rodeo friends." -Hudson Crane
"I love how SSRC gives everyone a fair opportunity to compete in real life rodeo events." -Morgan Clift
"Being able to help the younger kids learn how to ride." - Josh Ortega
"My favorite part about the rodeos is the new people that I have met that have become some of my best friends." - Bristol Naugle (2020 Female Top Hand)

2022 Schedule: Quote
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